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Design Extreme – Website development, hosting and domains

Website design and development

We are experts in every aspect of website design and development from conception to completion. We can provide everything you need to make a new or take an established business to new heights online.

Web hosting

We offer a comprehensive hosting service with immediate expert support whenever you need it. All accounts use cPanel with options for multiple accounts and reseller options. We’ll install WordPress for free and, typically, handle transfers from other hosts for free. Prices start at just £5 a month with reduced rates for annual renewals.

Hosting services

    • Standard

    • Webspace: 1GB
    • Bandwidth: 10GB per month
    • Separate accounts: 1
    • Databases: 2
    • HTTPS:
    • Reselling:
    • Monthly price: £5
    • Annual price: £50
    • Extended

    • Webspace: 5GB
    • Bandwidth: 50GB per month
    • Separate accounts: 5
    • Databases: 100
    • HTTPS:
    • Reselling:
    • Monthly price: £10
    • Annual price: £100
    • Reseller

    • Webspace: 20GB
    • Bandwidth: 250GB per month
    • Separate accounts: 15
    • Databases:
    • HTTPS:
    • Reselling:
    • Monthly price: £20
    • Annual price: £200
    • Reseller Unlimited

    • Webspace: 80GB
    • Bandwidth: 1.5TB per month
    • Separate accounts: 50
    • Databases:
    • HTTPS:
    • Reselling:
    • Monthly price: £40
    • Annual price: £400

Domain name registration

We can register most new generation of domain names along with the classic and popular .com and .net domains – all at a competitive price and no hidden fees. After any renewal requirements, transfers from other registrars are free.


We offer comprehensive support to all hosting services and existing web development clients. Our aim is to help you to setup and run your website without ongoing assistance, but we’ll connect using screen sharing if you need a helping hand.