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What is the difference between POP and IMAP?

IMAP stores all sent and received emails on the server so you can access the same data across your multiple devices (such as your laptop and phone). IMAP supports multiple folders to keep emails separate. If you keep all emails online without archiving them, it will take up more space over time.

POP works differently. Once collected emails are removed from the server after a period of time or immediately (depending upon your settings). This uses less space on the server because all your sent and received emails are kept on the device you’re using.

I have multiple devices, what email type should I use?

You have a choice – you can either use IMAP, POP or a combination of these. Each setup has a positive and a negative consequence.

If using POP, remember to keep a copy of the emails on the server for a period of time (e.g. a week) so that other devices have time to collect the same email to place in each inbox. IMAP will ensure that outgoing emails are copies across all devices, so if this is important, use IMAP throughout.

Can I have more than one email account on my computer or phone?

Yes. Almost all email clients will support multiple email accounts.

I want lots of email aliases. What is the best way to do this?

Instead of creating multiple accounts, just add multiple forwarding addresses to a single email account. You can use any of these aliases as your public email address – but be sure to use the correct account as your username.

As a good rule, create just one account per person or business/project and then redirect other email addresses to this account. You can apply filters based on the email address to move incoming emails to a folder or category.

I am having problems sending emails. How can I successfully send emails?

Email setup can be tricky because there are two sets of login details. One set to receive emails and one set to send emails. Please ensure that you’ve set the login details for both sets.

Ensure authentication is set for the outgoing (SMTP) connection and enable TLS (or SSL) for both incoming and outgoing connections.

If you’re still experiencing issues, please get in touch.

I am using IMAP and my web space is getting quite full. What should I do?

You can archive older emails to an offline folder on your computer. There is a guide in a blog post with steps for all of the main email clients.

I want to send a large email attachment. How should I go about this?

It is better to place large files online and just send your recipient a link to this file. Usually emails will download in full automatically so giving people a choice about when to collect a large file is preferable to no choice.

There are many services you can choose between, with Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer being some of the most well-known.

Do you provide a Webmail service?

Yes, we provide a choice of two webmail services: RoundCube and Horde.


How long do I have to wait to upload my website once I buy a new domain name?

Once you’ve paid for your domain name and hosting, you can usually start uploading files within an hour. This is provisional on the time of day (i.e. within office hours).

How do I register a new domain name?

Just use the domain name search in this website to find a new domain name that’s available to register.

If a domain name is taken, there is a possibility to purchase this from the current owner. However, this is usually uncommon and can be very expensive.

How do I transfer my domain to Design Extreme?

Once you have informed us of the domain name or domain names, you have a few options available:

  • In your existing domain registrar, change your Name Servers to, This usually takes an hour to complete and is best-suited if you want to keep the domain at its current registrar.
  • Unlock your domain name; pass on your AUTH ID to change to a new domain registrar. This usually takes a few days to complete, but subsequent renewals will be handled by Design Extreme. With most domain names, there is a 1 year renewal of the domain included.
  • If your domain name ends with .UK, you can change your domain registrar for free simply by changing the IPS Tag to GODADDY. This process takes around a day to complete.

How much does it cost to transfer a domain name to Design Extreme?

For most domain names, it costs the same amount as renewing the same domain for one year – when you change to new registrar.

For .uk domain names, it does not cost anything to transfer a domain name to us.

How much does it cost to transfer a domain name away from Design Extreme?

Provided it is just a change of domain registrar, we do not charge for this service. Your new domain register is likely to charge a fee at their side.


What control panel do you use?

We provide a cPanel service for all our web hosting accounts.

If you have a reselling service, we also provide access to WHM (Web Host Manager) that gives you a good overview of your accounts.

How can I upload files to my website?

You can upload files to your website using one of these methods:

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) on the standard port
  • SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) on a specific port
  • SSH (Secure Shell) when enabled for your account, on a specific port
  • Through cPanel’s File Manager

How can I manage my database?

We provide PHPMyAdmin to assist with managing your MySQL database. It’s easy to use for browsing existing tables, creating new tables, searching, editing values and much more.

Other database management services can be installed if required.

Do I need a domain name for my hosting account?

No, you don’t need a domain name to use your hosting account. If you’re not ready to use your own domain name, we can provide a sub domain that can be used to develop a new website. We do not charge any additional fee for this service.

Can I resell hosting to other people?

Yes, with Reseller and Reseller Unlimited you can sell on your account resources. You only pay for what you actually use so you can offer more space and bandwidth than available.

I need to move my website or websites to your server. What is involved?

We provide a free transfer in service for new clients.

This includes:

  • Transfer of all website files;
  • Transfer of all databases;
  • Transfer of all email accounts with forwarding accounts intact;
  • Editing of configuration files to ensure the transferred website functions correctly.

There is usually no discernable down-time if the process is handled correctly.

I want to move my website away from Design Extreme. What is involved?

We can provide a paid transfer service similar to the one for transfers to our service. However, we recommend contacting your new hosting service prior to asking us as they may provide this service for free (like we do).


What payment methods do you accept?

  • We accept payments in GBP to a British bank either from within the UK or internationally. We can accept bank payments in AUD from within Australia. International payments must have all fees covered.
  • We can accept credit card or account payments through PayPal n GBP, EUR, USD, AUD and THB.
  • We can accept credit card or account payments through Stripe in GBP.
  • We can accept direct payments to Revolut.
  • In some instances, we can accept payment by cheque in GBP.

I want to prepare a new website in advance of purchasing a domain name, is this possible?

Yes, we can provide a sub domain where you can stage your website prior to launch or prior to registering or transferring a domain name.

I want to resell accounts with more space and bandwidth than I have allocated to me. Is this possible?

Yes, we permitted over-selling with our reseller-enabled accounts. This means you can offer more than you have and only pay for what you actually use.

Do you charge to move my website to Design Extreme?

We provide a free service that will assist with the transfer process to our web server.

This includes:

  • Transfer of all website files;
  • Transfer of all databases;
  • Transfer of all email accounts with forwarding accounts intact;
  • Editing of configuration files to ensure the transferred website functions correctly.

We can provide this service once-only with subsequent transfers offered as a chargeable service. Other conditions apply.

Do you charge to move my website away from Design Extreme?

There are no specific fees associated with moving away. However, if you would like us to move files, emails and other data to the new provider we can assist for a fee. We recommend contacting your new hosting provider first to see if they can offer this as a complimentary service.

Do you have a question?

Please contact us and we’ll answer promptly.