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Badge WordPress Plugin: Reviews and Rating – Google Reviews


Do you have a Google My Business listing and would like to show your current customer reviews and rating within your website?

This plugin will collect this data using your unique Google Place ID and display a well-formatted list or column/blocks of reviews, and some associated links to reviews and Google map listing, plus point customers to post their own review and rating on Google. Don’t worry: there are no restrictions to the reviews collection and plenty of options to display it perfectly in your website.


  • This. Plugin. Is. OUTSTANDING

    This is easily the best plugin out there for showing Google reviews on a WordPress site. I’ve tried everything, and nothing out there provides the flexibility that this one’s shortcode system uses. All in an easy to use package. Very impressed!

    ★★★★★npierno, Feb 2021

  • This Is The Best Google Business Reviews Plugin Out There

    I’ve used all the Google Business Reviews plugins out there and this is the best. … Love the presentation of the reviews. … The plugin author is VERY responsive. Answers all questions and quickly.

    ★★★★★minks32578, Jan 2020

  • Excellent Plugin

    Very impressed with the functionality of this plugin. Manual HTML import worked smooth and took less than a minute. … This is an amazing plugin. Looking forward to seeing what else this rockstar dev releases.

    ★★★★★sterlingokura, Nov 2019


  • Shortcode and Widget for customer reviews on Google
  • Very high level of customization with more added on request
  • Insert a list of customers’ reviews with ratings range, review length range, offset, [unrestricted] limit, sorting, language and individual review(s) selection
  • Fully responsive design with light styling to allow for your customizations; show/hide any element using shortcode parameters
  • Customize appearance with columns, customize ordering within review items, hide or overwrite avatars, date formatting, name formatting, and much more
  • Designed with SVG vector graphics for a crisp appearance across all devices
  • 250 designs/themes including:
  • Carousel/Slider capabilities
    • Specify slides with one or more reviews
    • Set number of loops or iterations
    • Swipe, smart keyboard navigation, bullet controls and pause view on hover
    • Works with all themes containing a list of reviews
  • Additional shortcodes for:
    • Link to reviews and current rating on Google, with optional Google icon
    • Link for customers to leave their rating and write a review on Google, with optional Google icon
    • Link to the business place/location with Google Maps, with optional Google icon
    • Display the current rating as a number
    • Display the total number of reviews
  • Right To Left (RTL) language support
  • Live preview in Dashboard→Settings
  • Select your choice icon to replace Google’s generic icons
  • Structured Data ( support to present clear business and review data to search engines to assist with SEO
  • Demo mode to help create your website before it goes live; without requiring Google API credentials
  • Manage all retrieved reviews and selectively hide reviews
  • See the latest formatted JSON data from Google’s API
  • Retrieves reviews in the background, collecting more through Google’s API over time with a snapshot of valid data for stability
  • Clear cache, reset retrieved reviews and overall reset to clear all plugin data
  • Advanced capability to import all review data from Google’s review popup HTML or consolidated reviews HTML (inspecting the live HTML)
  • A comprehensive and free plugin with no upgrades for additional functionality


We have a comprehensive showcase of the shortcode’s design and functionality on our Demonstration Website.

Requirements and recommendations

  • Requirement: A free Google API Key and a Place ID. Specific locations are supported; coverage areas are no longer offering data through the API.
  • Requirement: A Google Billing Account to receive your substantial and free API Request allocation.
  • Recommendation: Prior to installing this plugin, we recommend you set your business in Google and find your Business’ Place ID.
  • Recommendation: For peace of mind, please set Google Places API Quotas to keep requests below the billable threshold. Recommended value for requests is 100 per day.


Get a copy of the latest version of Reviews and Rating – Google Reviews.


Installation and Setup

  1. The usual instructions for WordPress plugins: either upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/g-business-reviews-rating directory, or just install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen.
  2. Once installed, activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to the Settings → Reviews and Rating – Google Reviews screen to configure the plugin with your Google API Key and the business’ Place ID.
  4. Once the Google Credentials are set, available shortcodes will be available to place in any page, post or use the widget

Visual guide to creating a Google API key

We’ve produced a step-by-step guide to creating and securing your API key for the Places API. The first and last steps may not be necessary if you already have a project with Google Cloud and you may copy the API key to the plugin at any time in the process.

View Visual Guide

  1. 1. Create a project If you’re new to Google Developer’s Console, create a new project in here
  2. 2. Enable Places API Search for Places API and click the button to enable this API in your account
    1. 3. Create API key In Credentials, click the button: “+ Create Credentials”
    2. 3. Create API key Select “API Key” from the options
    3. 3. Create API key Once this key is created, click “Close”
  3. 4. Select API key Select your newly created API key
    1. 5. Restrict to IP Under “Application restrictions”, set this to: “IP addresses”
    2. 5. Restrict to IP And “Add an item”
    3. 5. Restrict to IP Enter your web server’s IP and press “Done”
    1. 6. Restrict by API Under “API restrictions”, select “Restrict key”
    2. 6. Restrict by API Click “Select APIs”
    3. 6. Restrict by API Select just “Places API” from the list of options and click “OK”
    4. 6. Restrict by API Click “Save” to set the restrictions
    1. 7. Copy API key Click “Show Key”
    2. 7. Copy API key Copy this new API key to this plugin’s settings
  4. 8. Enable billing Finally for regular requests, please enable billing for your project to receive your substantial and free API request allocation



I have more than 5 reviews, why can I only see 5 in this plugin?

The Google API only offers a maximum of 5 relevant reviews at a time. Fortunately, this plugin will collect more reviews over time giving you more options to display your own selection of reviews from a larger pool. If you feel comfortable with the HTML Inspector in your browser, you can import all the reviews showing in the Google reviews popup.


For most enquiries please visit the support forum as your first call. We’ve received hundreds of requests and it’s a great place to find a solution and ask for help. No matter where you ask for help. We’ll respond promptly to your query.

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